Iggy Azalea Exposed in New Compromising Footage

Jefe Wine confirms the star was of age when footage was shot
ByJack Hardwick Sunday , 14 September 2014
 Iggy Azalea Exposed in New Compromising Footage
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Intimate footage of Iggy Azalea has been sold

Even when you're one of the biggest stars in the world and one of the hottest music acts of the moment, it seems the past can still catch up with you as Iggy Azalea has found out the hard way.

Compromising video footage showing the star in with her then boyfriend rapper Jefe Wine has gone up for sale. After Iggy's team initially denied any footage existed of the star, her lawyers have been forced to back track claiming the rapper may in fact be the subject of the video, but if she is, then the video was taken without her consent and she was in fact underage at the time.

However in another twist in the tale Jefe Wine, the man in the risqué footage, has come forward insisting Iggy was of legal age as he only met the star on her 18th birthday. Jefe also added that Iggy is "100 per cent fully aware" of the fact they shot the risqué tape.
Despite his revelation, Jefe insists he didn't offer the footage to adult movie firm Vivid Entertainment, instead claiming his computer was stolen over the summer.

In a final twist in the tale the rapper is still friends with Iggy and is planning to release a new single featuring her in the near future.

Yeah we don't think Iggy will be so happy to release the new track now Jefe!