Iftar Glossary

Typical iftar and suhoor dishes explained… get in the know!
Saturday , 14 July 2012
Lamb Ouzi
Lamb Ouzi
Umm Ali
Umm Ali

A diluted, slightly salty, tangy yoghurt drink. 
Jallab: A drink made by diluting a syrup of grape molasses, dates and rose water.
Kamradin: A staple beverage to break fast, made from apricot nectar.
Tamer hindi: A cold, soothing brew made from tamarind.

A spicy Lebanese dip made with mashed eggplant and tahini.
Kibbeh: Bulgur wheat dough stuffed with seasoned, ground lamb, onions and pine nuts.
Sambousek: A yummy fried pastry stuffed with cheese or meat.
Harira: A soup made with a mix of chickpeas and lentils in a flavoursome tomato broth. Other vegetables and lamb can be added to make a heartier dish.


Lamb ouzi:
Normally the main event of an iftar buffet, a whole lamb is marinated in a mix of spices and then stuffed with spiced minced beef and nuts. 
Mouloukia: Mouloukia is a dark, green leafy vegetable, most used in Egyptian cuisine, when cooked it takes on a ‘slimy’ texture similar to okra. It is typically stewed, chicken is added and it’s served with rice.

Cheese pastry soaked in sweet syrup infused with rose water and normally topped with pistachios.
Mahalabia: A light, milk-based dessert (similar to a custard or flan) that can be flavoured with orange, vanilla, cardamom or rose water.
Umm Ali: Often dubbed the region’s bread pudding – it’s made of layers of cooked puff pastry combined with nuts, coconut and raisins, and then covered with sweetened cream.

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