Iftar Foods Calorie Watch

Wondering what foods on that buffet spell bloat alert and which ones will be kind to your waist? We're on it!
Friday , 13 July 2012
Fill up on tabbouleh
Fill up on tabbouleh
Avoid baklava
Avoid baklava
Eat hummus in moderation
Eat hummus in moderation

Fill up on...
1 Moutabel
Rich in antioxidants and a superb source of vitamin B, folate and magnesium.
1 Tbsp = 43 Cals/Fat: 0.6g
2 Olives
Packed with vitamin E and rich in monosaturated fatty acids, so two thumbs up!
4 Green Olives = 18 Cals/Fat: 2g
3 Tabbouleh
Made with bulgar wheat and super nutritious parsley. Pile your plate!
28g Serving = 31 Cals/Fat: 1.1g

1 Baklava
 A combination of filo pastry, sugar, butter and honey is not going to be sweet to your waistline! 70g Serving = 320 Cals/Fat: 24g
2 Haleem
 This paste of meat, lentils and pounded wheat will fill you up every which way.
1 Small Cup = 353 Cals/Fat: 61g
3 Shawarma
Delish but calorie-packed. If you can’t step away, split it with a friend. 
1 Portion = 373 Cals/Total Fat: 36g

Eat in moderation...
1 Hummus

Chickpeas and garlic are high in fibre and protein, but too much olive oil plays baddie.
50g Serving = 150 Cals/Fat: 9.8g
2 Fattoush
Tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce equal low-cal, but the pomegranate dressing is loaded with sugar. 1 Serving = 216 Cals/Fat: 14g
3 Stuffed vine leaves
Stuffed with carb-heavy white rice. Be good, stick to one.
1 Roll = 67 Cals/Fat: 1.7g

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