If you don’t “do vampires”

If you don’t “do vampires” how do you explain Russell Brand, Katy?
Wednesday , 23 December 2009
If you don’t “do vampires”

Katy Perry got her sparkly hotpants in a twist last week when online reports suggesting she’d hooked up with Robert Pattinson at an LA party. After one source claimed, “Rob and Katy only had eyes for each other. We observed them sitting face-to-face, touching foreheads and acting very flirty with each other,” Katy took to her Twitter to profess her love for her man, Russell Brand.

“Read a bunch of yesterday’s-news-b*******,” ranted the I Kissed A Girl singer. “People should know by now that I don’t do vampires, but I do do rustyrockets [Russell’s online Twitter name].” Adding, “Don’t get it twisted!”

Gosh Katy, we can’t imagine how anyone could have confused Russell with a pasty-faced Brit goth, who only wears black, sleeps all day, and spends his nights feasting on the blood of young virgins... Oh.