New Ice Park opens in Dubai Garden Glow

New Ice Park opens in Dubai Garden Glow

19 Nov 2017

Head out there to chill

Dubai Garden glow returns for its third year with a brand new and chilling Ice Park. The ice-themed destination is a first of its kind in Dubai and joins the Dubai Garden Glow and Dinosaur Park this year. It will be opened to the public this week.

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The Ice Park is designed around the theme of Global Warming and has several sections inside like Mini Dubai, Ice Age, Children’s Play Area and more. And ofcourse, since its made of ice, the entire section is maintained at a cold -8 and -7 degrees so don’t forget to grab your jackets. Incase you do forget, the park provides winter coats so people can take their time seeing the carvings without worrying about freezing.

New Ice Park opens in Dubai Garden Glow

All the sculptures exhibited in the Ice Park are handmade. A talented 150 artists made the sculptures using tools alternating from chainsaws, handsaws, hairdryers, irons, and chisels to carve the ice and worked in ultra-cold environment to ensure the ice does not melt. 

In fact, it's not just the ice, all the design and models in the Garden Glow is handmade with energy saving LED lights. 

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So head out there and see for yourself the astonishing sculptures and the hidden message that lies beneath. 

INFO: Dubai Garden Glow, Zabeel Park two, daily 4pm to 12am, Dubai Garden Glow, Dhs60 per person on the gate, extra Dhs40 for entry into the ice park.