Ice, Ice, Baby

From the freezer to your face! Amara puts your pieces back together...
Sunday , 13 January 2008
Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

What is it about Fridays in Dubai, that leave us sofa-bound on Saturdays, staring at the telly and swearing that next weekend, things will be different? Of course, the next weekend is rarely different. But we do at least... eventually... learn to prepare. Eventually we find the perfect way to put the pieces back together.

Next weekend for example, when the Ahlan ladies rise from their slumber, (with remnants of last night's cheese-bread still stuck in their hair), we'll have some Anne Semonin Express Radiance Ice Cubes in the freezer, ready and waiting to help take the pain away.

These little beauties are formulated from the purest marina spring water, extracts of evening primrose oil and red micro-algae, which all combine to improve skin elasticity. Its special, botanical agent also stimulates the release of endorphins, making you feel as fresh as a daisy! Something we could all do with after a heavy night on the town.

If you're feeling particularly flash, you can get this gorgeous ice treatment as part of an Anne Semonin facial at Amara Spa, Park Hyatt Hotel. We love this place anyway - have you been yet? Think outdoor rain showers, feet scrubs in water soft with rose petals, the yummiest-smelling oils and creams, and healthy food and drinks on the terrace by the pool - just to remind you to take care of the inside, as well as the surface.

Our facial started with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a steam and extraction (goodbye blackheads!). A regenerating mask with a surprisingly pleasant smelling seaweed ingredient was next, followed by a neck, head and arm massage and another, soothing cream mask. Next came some drainage (uh oh) to remove the toxins - of which there were undoubtedly plenty... and finally, the ice cube treatment, straight from the freezer. Shut your eyes and someone could almost be smothering you with Ben and Jerrys! Don't worry though, it's slightly classier than that.

Your skin will feel so amazing after this lot, that you'll want to stop people on the way home, just to get them to touch your baby soft skin. We wouldn't advise it, but you'll definitely be ready to get your face out of the telly and back out into the public.

The Anne Semonin Express Radiance Ice Cube treatment (and ice cubes) are available at Amara, Park Hyatt.
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