"I Watched Britney's Meltdown On TV"

Heartbroken Lynne Spears speaks of estrangement from pop star daughter
Sunday , 07 September 2008
"I Watched Britney's Meltdown On TV"

LYNNE SPEARS' heart "broke into a million pieces" as she watched her daughter BRITNEY's breakdown on live TV, she has revealed.

Britney Spears suffered a public meltdown in January when she was involved in a three-hour stand-off with police after refusing to hand back her son JAYDEN JAMES to ex-husband KEVIN FEDERLINE following a scheduled visit.

The Toxic hitmaker's mum - who at the time was estranged from Britney - saw the drama unfold on TV, and admits the events left her emotionally pained.

Describing the incident in her forthcoming book Through The Storm - A Real Story of Fame and Family in a Tabloid World, Lynne writes, "It was so shocking, so disturbing to see that girl with such despondency in her eyes - it broke my heart in a million pieces."

She adds, "(Britney) refused to speak to me, and our estrangement lasted an excruciating seven months."

The star has since rebuilt her life under the close watch of her father Jamie Spears, who was handed control of Britney's estate after she was hospitalised for a psychiatric evaluation in a second incident at the end of January.

In her book Lynne also blasts ‘predatory’ SAM LUFTI the pop star's former 'manager' for taking advantage of the singer's naivety and targeting her like a "predator".

She writes, "She (Britney) was sad, floundering, ripe for a predator to come along. Britney was open to this man who rode in on a white horse.

"Within a month of meeting, Sam was in complete control of her life.

He appointed himself as her gate-keeper, and there was no one he wanted to keep the gate closed to more than Britney's family."

Lynne goes on to tell how Lutfi claimed Britney would commit suicide if they tried to sack him, threatening, "If you try to get rid of me, she'll be dead.”

Britney was put under her father Jamie's conservatorship after her personal troubles, and has since regained her health and access to her sons SEAN PRESTON and Jayden James.

Lutfi's restraining order came to an end this summer after JAMIE SPEARS decided against applying for an extension of the ban.