"I Want A Wife"

11 Aug 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Gerard Butler eyes marriage – any offers, ladies?

Scottish actor GERARD BUTLER longs to get married and have children - but fears he has left it too late to settle down.

The 300 star turns 40 in November and is currently single.

Butler recently admitted his love life is "pretty miserable" because he has problems finding a suitable mate.

And he is convinced he needs to sort his relationship issues out soon - before misses his chance at marriage.

He tells Britain's Red magazine, "I would love to have a wife and kids, but you can't magic them out of thin air. I've never been that 'seven-year relationship' kind of guy. (But I'm ready) for the big relationship. I guess I've got to settle down soon, but I'm nervous to say it out loud because it might not happen."