I Should Have Defended Sienna

04 Dec 2008
By Ahlanlive.com

Balthazar Speaks Out

Actor BALTHAZAR GETTY regrets not standing up for girlfriend SIENNA MILLER and his wife ROSETTA when the media took aim at them over his alleged infidelities.

Getty feels both women were treated unfairly by the tabloids when news of his romance with Brit Sienna first surfaced earlier this year - and now he wishes he had done something to protect the ladies in his life.

He tells America's TV Guide magazine, "There comes a time when it just gets a little bit too hurtful. It takes two to tango, man. You can't just point your finger at one person. Historically, women always get the short end of the stick.

"People went too far, whether it was invading Rosetta and the kids' privacy or saying really awful things about Sienna. They (photographers and reporters) yelled the most awful, disturbing things at her.

"Sometimes I wish I'd just stepped forward and said, 'Enough!'"

Getty refused to confirm reports he and Miller have reconciled after a brief split, adding: "I can't comment on what's going on there. I just can't."

He says that both Sienna and his wife are "both special people in my life".