I Met Drake in Dubai!

The rapper wants to live in UAE
ByKris FadeWednesday , 18 March 2015
I Met Drake in Dubai!

I’ve been waiting for what feels like an eternity to see Drake perform in the UAE so I was jumping for joy when the Canadian superstar finally announced he was performing in Dubai. I can happily say that the wait was worth it and Drizzy absolutely rocked it.

I’ve seen a lot of concerts in Dubai, but Drake was definitely one of the greatest that I’ve been to. He was so humble and super cool and brought a whole lot of energy to the stage, which the crowd in turn loved and reacted to. I actually forgot how many hits he has amassed in such a small time frame and yet even his brand new material still had the audience singing along with him.

One thing I liked even more about Drake was how much affection he had for Dubai. He truly fell in love with the city and even said that it has been his lifelong dream to come here and perform. In fact one of his best friends that was backstage with us told me Drake liked it so much that he is actually looking to buy a house here now! How cool would that be to know that the platinum selling Grammy winner was living on the palm or something?!

Another reason that I enjoyed the Drake concert so much was because I got to perform with one of my best friends, Two Tone. The home grown rapper warmed up the crowd before Drizzy came on and I had the honour of being his mic man. Playing to 15,000 people was a great experience and I was happy that Two Tone got to preview some of his new music to his fans.


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