I loved Being A Child Star

26 Aug 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Kristen Stewart says her early fame saved her from a Britney-style meltdown

KRISTEN STEWART is delighted she got her big break in movies at the age of nine - because she is convinced first-time fame in her teen years would have left her troubled.

The actress' debut film role came in 1999 Disney movie The Thirteenth Year and she's since gone on to make more than 20 movies, including 2008's Twilight, which shot her to worldwide stardom.

But Kristen is glad she started her career early - because she's sure she couldn't have coped with the pressures during her adolescence.

She says, "I think that if I had started now or just a couple of years ago, after the age of 14, if I had waited two more years, I would be wrought. I couldn't deal with the scrutiny.

"I feel like starting out as a teenager may not have been as good. I conquered fears at a young age because I wasn't considering them, I just took them for whatever."