"I Love Pics Of Suri"

Tom Cruise praises paparazzi shots of Suri
Tuesday , 25 November 2008
"I Love Pics Of Suri"

TOM CRUISE has taken the unusual step of praising the paparazzi who take pictures of his daughter SURI CRUISE.

Unlike most celebs who are fiercely protective of their little ones when the papps invade, the actor says some of his most treasured photos of two-year-old Suri have come from press shots.

He says: 'I have to say some of those paparazzi shots of my daughter are incredible.

'As a parent you protect your children but Suri is a very open and warm child and she will just wave to people on the street. She is such happy, fun girl.'

'It is certainly different these days with the media, but people have been very good to us and do give us space so I am not going to be difficult.'

But the Hollywood superstar admits his relationship with the press has not always been so rosy, admitting he was stunned by the barrage of criticism he received after his infamous couch-jumping interview with OPRAH WINFREY - but says he could have "handled things better".

The Top Gun actor came under fire after his bizarre appearance on the TV titan's daily U.S. talkshow in 2005, when he stunned Winfrey by jumping up and down on the sofa, declaring his love for new girlfriend KATIE HOLMES.

A whirlwind of bad press erupted around the A-lister following the incident, especially surrounding his links to the controversial Scientology faith and his bizarre rant against actress Brooke Shields' decision to take medication to battle her post-natal depression.

But in a candid interview with Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, Cruise admits his behaviour was bordering on erratic, and that he didn't "handle" the situations he found himself in with enough control.

He says, "There are things that I could have done better. I could have handled things better."

However, the star insists the negative press actually made his relationship with his actress partner stronger.

He adds, "I was surprised by the criticism but it brought everyone close together. Katie's entire family and my family.

"Going through that stuff is not pleasant, and I think it hit an extreme, but Kate's a very sure and confident and strong woman. She gets it, you know." For Tom's favourite pictures of Suri click here...