Lindsay Lohan

I Ink, Therefore I Am

24 Nov 2010

The celeb body art that masquerades as a simple tattoo, but is really about how, like, deep the stars think they are...

Whilst tattoos are certainly meaningful to their owners, there are those A-list designs that are worn less for the celeb and more for us mere mortals to see and marvel over how spiritual and deep the star really is. We chat about the tatts which say more about a star’s ego, than their ocean-deep ying-yang balance with the cosmos...

Lindsay Lohan
Tattoo:‘Stars, all we ask for is our right to twinkle’ on her left arm.

The meaning:
The tattoo is a quote from Marilyn Monroe, who Linds admits she’s obsessed with. “Lindsay likes to believe that she is the new Marilyn Monroe,” spills a pal. “She wants to be a beautiful Hollywood starlet with a dramatic, tumultuous and interesting life.”

Ahlan! Says:
Referring to yourself as a ‘star’ is one thing, but it’s probably self-obsessed Lindsay’s blinkered belief in her ‘rights’ that’s got her into her current mess.

Tattoo:‘Rebelle Fleur’ on her neck.

The meaning:Translated as ‘Rebel Flower’, sources have spilled RiRi got this ink because the statement is “how her mum sees her.”

Ahlan! Says:We love us some Rihanna, but this latest obsession among Hollywood’s young female contingent, to be seen as both the bad*** rock chick (Rebelle) and the cutesy delicate little girl (Fleur) is starting to grate. (See also Fox, Lohan, Aguilera, Osbourne).

Hilary Duff
Tattoos:The word ‘Shine’ on her hand, and ‘Let It Be’ on her foot.

The meaning:“Shine is just for me to look at and remember. When you get busy or you get tired and you feel like everything is fake… it’s important to keep your character and to let your light shine,” says Hilary.

Ahlan! Says:Shine will forever have connotations with ‘star’, and that’s what Hils wants people to think of her. It’s classic ‘everyone’s amazing’ Oprah psychobabble.

Hayden Panettiere
Tattoo:‘Vivere senza rimpianti’ down her back.

The meaning:Mispelt, but Italian for ‘To live without regrets’, Hayden’s tried to publicly pretend she doesn’t mind having a spelling mistake etched permanently into her skin, saying, “It is misspelled, whatever.”

Ahlan! Says:
If Frank Sinatra can “have a few” then Hayden’s attitude to regrets looks a teensy bit immature; like a teen starlet trying to show how womanly, mature and ‘old soul’ she is. Bit contrived, sweetie!

Mena Survari
Tattoo:The number ‘13’ in the middle of her chest.

The meaning:The actress got the tattoo to match her husband, Sestito Simone who also has the number inked on his pec.

Ahlan! Says:Apart from being one of the ugliest tatts in T-Town, the ‘edginess’ that accompanies the myth around the unlucky number is wasted on an actress whose career failed to take off after American Beauty – maybe that number is to blame?