"I Dropped Six Dress Sizes"

Fida Abou Shahen's dramatic and inspiring story revealed
Sunday , 08 July 2012
After: 59 Kg
Lost: 51 Kg
After: 59 Kg Lost: 51 Kg
Before: 110 Kg
Fida Abou Shahen: Australian
Age: 30
Height: 173CM
Before: 110 Kg Fida Abou Shahen: Australian Age: 30 Height: 173CM

At the age of 22 Fida Abou Shahen weighed in at 80kg. By the end of the year, the weight had increased to 110kg. A move to Sydney to complete her masters degree didn’t help either. Long hours in the office left Fida eating on the run, and it would often be fat-filled takeaways to curb the hunger pangs. As her weight increased, her health took a downturn. She became depressed, suffered hormonal imbalances and was diagnosed with borderline diabetes type II.

“In early 2011 I came back to Dubai to explore the job market and found out about Original Fitness boot camps through GoNabit. What attracted me to it the most was it reminded me of the outdoor lifestyle I had loved in Sydney. It looked like the kickstart I needed. I felt like the unhealthiest person in the world during my first class, but I was ready to make changes.”

“While I was burning calories three times a week at boot camp in the mornings, I was also making changes to my diet too. I stopped buying processed food and was more careful with portion control. I made sure that I ate every two hours, and this stopped me wanting to binge on potato chips. My new job was just as busy so to make sure that I didn’t get back into the same cycle of skipping meals, I put reminders on my phone with “drink now” or “eat now” which really helped me in the beginning till I got into the habit of things.

The first 10kg were the hardest to lose. But as I started to see changes to my weight, I felt inspired to do more. My workouts increased to two sessions of boot camp a week, MMA, Friday runs and yoga every other week. I also signed up to do a 10km run.

Weight-wise, I still haven’t reached my goal, since I’ve lost so much more weight than I ever expected, I now I think I’m too skinny! My goals are constantly changing, and now I’m trying to work on strength and cardio. People don’t always realise how much excess weight holds them back, and now nothing holds me back. Being healthy is the best way to go, regardless of your weight.”

“When they tell you it’s all in the head it really is. I never thought I could do it, but I did and anyone can.”

“Working out in a group gives you the commitment to continue. I started off with barely being able to complete a session to now becoming a personal trainer for OFC.”

“I wanted to get my BMI out of danger into a healthy zone; I didn’t want to be labelled as obese.”

“Your body needs a sufficient amount of sleep to recover and function at its best so that you make the right food choices and perform your best during the workouts.”

“My yoga teacher told me that everything has a solution, no point in stressing or worrying about it. They told me to take each day as it comes, like a child taking baby steps and you will be happy and rational – and it works!”

Bootcamp twice a week
Zumba twice a week
Basketball, yoga and kickboxing once a week.
Rest on Saturday.

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