"I Adore John"

Jen reveals her love for Mayer
Thursday , 13 November 2008
"I Adore John"

JENNIFER ANISTON was unable to break off her relationship with rocker JOHN MAYER because they simply "adore one another."

The couple split at the end of the summer, with the singer telling the press, "I don't want to waste somebody's time if something's not right."

But the pair recently decided to give their romance another try, because after the break-up they were unable to stay away from each other.

She tells US magazine Vogue, "It's funny when you hit a place in a relationship and you both realise we maybe need to do something else, but you still really, really love each other. It's painful. There was no malicious intent. I deeply, deeply care about him; we talk, we adore one another. And that's where it is._

And the former Friends star insists that she is not bitter about Mayer's decision to talk to the media about their relationship, adding: "He had to put that out there that he broke up with me. And especially because it's me. It's not just some girl he's dating. I get it. We're human. But I feel seriously protective of him and us."