I’m single!

R-Patz denies affair with Kristen and says he doesn’t want a girlfriend
Sunday , 13 December 2009
I’m single!

ROBERT PATTINSON has officially denied he is dating Twilight co-star KRISTEN STEWART.

The actor admits he proposed to the 19-year-old but after she declined his offer he decided they should just be friends.

In an interview with IANS he said: "I don't have a girlfriend. Neither do I wanna have a girlfriend any sooner, at least not when I'm in this kind of environment. I'm very unromantic, I just read or watch films. I am actually very boring, so I am okay single only, I guess

"We are just very good friends. I did propose to her on the sets. She doubted my seriousness though and even I felt like it was too early. We used to spend some real fun moments together on the sets and I just went ahead and thought of taking it to another level. Well nothing as such worked out, but we still remained forever buddies.

"Then one day we read in some gossip magazine of our affair followed by all the media making a hue and cry about it. I admit to my proposal; so why would I hide our relationship? So once again I take a chance to deny any such relation with Kristen,"  he said.

But Rob says despite his desire to stay single, he just can't keep his adoring female fans away. He says: "I am amazed that these girl fans include not just young teenagers but females ranging from seven-eight years old to 60-70 years old, and you know what? They all talk the same way and demand the same thing, a bite on their neck! It's so strange and weird. But my answer is the same, 'Look I can't do it, it might hurt you."