I’m Not Chasing LiLo

16 Sep 2009
By Ahlanlive.com

Chace Crawford speaks out against the Gossip Girls!

CHACE CRAWFORD has shrugged off speculation he is dating LINDSAY LOHAN and his GOSSIP GIRL co-star TAYLOR MOMSEN, dismissing the reports as attempts to "stir up drama".

The actor, currently said to be dating Twilight star Ashley Greene, was first linked to the Mean Girls star after she broke-up with girlfriend Samantha Ronson, but he's keen to clarify he's just friends with Lohan.

Chase says, "It's funny, I've had that question (about dating Lohan) a few times in Europe. I'm not sure where that came from because we've been friends and known each other as acquaintances for years and there's definitely nothing romantic. I'm friends with Samantha and she's lovely. I wouldn't do anything to disrespect her or Lindsay - I think they're phenomenal."

He is also adamant rumours swirling about him romancing Momsen are false and fuelled by plotlines on their hit TV drama.

When asked if he is dating the blonde, Crawford explained, "No! That's hilarious. It's funny, she's only a 16-year-old girl and she's been thrown into this insane universe, so we all look out for her. She's like our little sister. We really take her under our wing and she's super intelligent.