Hysteria Takes Over Dubai

Hysteria Takes Over Dubai

12 Jul 2016

The thrilling haunted house is open in The Dubai Mall to welcome its first victims

Hysteria is the first extreme haunted house in the Middle East taking place inside a mysterious mansion, in The Dubai Mall.

The deal is, parents of lost children blame you for their missing infants, while the lost children themselves giggle manically all around you. Pay attention to the smallest of squeaks, because those creepy kids are up to something.

This haunted house isn’t your typical, walk-in-the-park type thriller house. This attraction is for the people that aren’t afraid of spiders, the dark and small spaces. This attraction is perfect for people who can watch The Conjuring without a single scream, or walk inside abandoned houses for fun.

The manor features dark rooms and corridors, floors that move and shake beneath your feet, freaky characters that pop out of unexpected corners, and cold chambers that induce claustrophobia. Yikes!

This haunted house is so scary, no-one below the age of 14 is allowed inside, without an adult. We know we’re going to bring our parents anyway. Perhaps our teddy bears too. Don’t judge us.

INFO: 10am-12am, Dhs100, opposite Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall, Dubai, www.facebook.com/hysteriadubai/