Hypocritical Celebs

Is notoriously private Beyonce showing off while dissing Kim Kardashian for seeking attention?
Wednesday , 16 May 2012
Hypocritical Celebs
Bey’s not shy anymore!

Beyonce is notoriously private, dissing other celebs like Kim Kardashian for being attention-seekers, but since giving birth to baby Blue Ivy, she’s talking the talk but no longer walking the walk! The megastar recently posted a pic of herself on Tumblr.com seductively holding a necklace designed by hubby Jay-Z in her mouth. Besides her hair streaming down her shoulders, she’s not wearing much else! She’s shown off plenty of personal snaps of her and Jay-Z on her new Tumblr site – the pair on holiday or behind the scenes at concerts – all the moments Bey has tried to keep away from the paps for years! Back in 2003, Jay rapped, “Got the hottest chick in the game wearing my chain” on The Black Album, and now it seems like that chick is really ready to flaunt what she’s got!

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