Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna Comes to Dubai

We chat with the hypnotist before his two-day event on 31 Oct & 1 Nov
ByAriel Robinson Wednesday , 15 October 2014
Hypnotherapist Paul McKenna Comes to Dubai
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We chat with the hypnotist before his two-day event

Paul McKenna is well known for his skills as a hypnotherapist and is renowned for helping people treat difficult problems like weight loss or gaining confidence. McKenna has written books like I Can Make You Happy, Hypnotic Gastric Band and his well known one for I Can Make You Thin. He's also recently come out with the number one app Change Your Life in 7 Days.

We caught up with the British hypnotist Paul McKenna, a few weeks before his two-day event in Dubai on 31 October and 1 November. He is the number one hypnotherapist is renowned for helping people treat the difficult problems like weight loss or gaining confidence. At his two-day event, you'll learn how take control of your emotions, get what you want in life and feel better about yourself so there's no reason to go to the event.

Did you always have an interest in hypnosis? Did you ever think that you would be doing what you were doing today?
Yes and no. I was a radio broadcaster before getting in to hypnosis. One day a hypnotist came in and I had never experienced such bliss or euphoria before. But I never thought that I would be this successful and I couldn't envision that I would have the number one app because of advances in technology.

When you first learnt hypnosis, how did you feel knowing you had this kind of power?
I don't see it as a power but as a form of communication. It's a skill that has to be used responsibly. At the two day event, I want to get my point across as authentic and genuine as possible.

As you said, you have been hypnotized before but how did you feel?
At the time I was really stressed but when I was under hypnosis I had never experienced anything like that before. It was like a guided meditation.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
I would have to say Dr Richard Bandler. He's a prolific teacher. I really appreciate his psychological technique.

What advice do you have for people who want to become a hypnotist like you?
Study with Dr Richard Bandler. This two day event isn't a lecture on how to become a hypnotist but if you want to learn on how to be happy or more confident then this event is for you. It's a way of getting more what you really want in life.

How does hypnosis actually work? What is the science behind it?
It's simple. You have a conscious mind that you think with and are aware of everything and you have an unconscious mind that you automatically do things with like when you're little you know how to open a door. The state of hypnosis is actually stepping out of that conscious mind.

Are there any struggles that you face when hypnotizing someone?
Of course but Roger Callahan said that if you have a 100% success rate then you obviously don't have enough clients so there are always going to be problems.

Do you have any issues that you would personally like to overcome using hypnosis?
I'm a work in progress. I'm still learning and growing. Used to do things like meditation or yoga but have never worked for me. I used to be afraid of the dentist and I'm always learning things about myself. I'm not a guru but I am a mind programmer.

What's an unusual or strange hypnosis session you have ever had?
I met a man who had hysterical blindness. He hit his head whilst in a construction site and he had post traumatic stress. He was blind for 8 years and it only took a few months for me to help cure him.

INFO: ticket prices for the 2 day event start from Dhs2,600, 9am-6pm, 31 Oct-1 Nov, World Trade Center Hall 8, Dubai, 04 439 0900

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