Hyperloop One to be Revealed Soon

The amazing new creation is set to take you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in just 12 minutes!
ByAriel Robinson Monday , 07 November 2016
Hyperloop One to be Revealed Soon

Hyperloop One has just released a trailer for their newest transportation system and it’s got us excited!

The Hyperloop One project is the newest high-speed transit system that include capsules that can travel in a network of depressurised underwater vacuum tunnels.

“This week @HyperloopOne will reveal how UAE residents can get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in as little as 12 minutes, defining the future of mobility”, said Hyperloop One on Twitter.

Details of the project are expected to be revealed on Tuesday 8 November in cooperation with RTA. Once completed, the high-speed transport system will revolutionize the way people travel, allowing UAE passengers to travel to different parts of the Middle East in under an hour. Stay tuned for more info…

Check the video out below:

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