'Hurt' James Arthur quits Twitter

'Hurt' James Arthur quits Twitter

18 Nov 2019

Don't be a troll, okay?

British pop star James Arthur is turning his back on social media after becoming "hurt" by the constant stream of negativity aimed at him by Twitter trolls. The former The X Factor winner admitted he could no longer take the verbal abuse he's been subjected to online and was done trying to fight back.

In a series of posts on Sunday, Arthur wrote, "Have to be honest some of the things I read on here go a bit too far and quite frankly hurt, if that was your goal you win.

"Maybe I should have thicker skin at this point I don't know but either way this is my last tweet, I'm logging off. Peace out Twitter friends."

He then thanked his real fans for their support, and signed off by handing over control of his account to his representatives: "All posts will be done by digital team moving forward," he concluded.

"Thanks for all the love and support shown by fans on this platform over the years it's been emotional but I've gotta delete this app. Much love and respect JA."

The Impossible singer's tweets emerge six months after he revealed he had "suffered in silence for over two years" as a result of the nasty comments he would constantly read online following his 2012 win on Britain's The X Factor, which left him with "crippling anxiety and poor mental health".