Hunt for Diamonds at Mo*Vida

Each glass of bubbly comes with some serious bling...
Tuesday , 24 April 2012
Hunt for Diamonds at Mo*Vida
Get your glam on at Mo*Vida

This Sunday will see the launch of Mo*Vida’s new monthly night ‘Secret Sunday’. Taking place on the last Sunday of each month, the event's theme will be unique to each installment and the first one is is right up our alley! Dubbed ‘Mo*Vida Ice’, the night will revolve around the hunt for a real diamond.

Yep, you can get your hands on some real bling to take home. Upon arrival, hostesses clad in sparkling cocktail attire will be presented with a glass of bubbles and within each glass there will be a sparkling stone. Most of the stones will be the Swarovski CZ, however one stone will be a real diamond.

So how will you find out if you're the lucky one with the real diamond? Experienced gemologists will assess each stone during the course of evening, using specialised equipment to identify the real deal, so one lucky person will get to add some sparkle to their night and walk away with an authentic diamond. In addition, Mo*Vida Ice will feature the signature DJs and Club experience including new resident DJ Mitchell.

INFO: Doors open at 11pm, Sunday 29 May, Mo*Vida, Radisson Royal Hotel, 055 1744 449,

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