Hummus with Meat

02 Dec 2011

Make the Arabic fave your own with this recipe


3g garlic
350g chickpeas
20g olive oil
240g tahina
1 tbsp salt
3g bicarbonate of soda
175ml fresh lemon juice

Lamb Saute
120g Lamb Fillet
20ml corn oil
15g pine seeds
5g salt
2g pepper powder
10ml lemon juice



1. Soak the chickpeas in cold water for 24 hours beforehand and drain the water.
2. Cover with fresh water in a lidded saucepan and cook well with baking soda for 50 to 60 minutes.
3. Drain and allow to cool. Reserve a few of the chickpeas for garnish.
4. Place in a blender and purée. Add the tahina, fresh lemon juice, salt and garlic
5. Ensure that the hummus is of a smooth consistency.

Lamb Sauté
1. Clean the lamb and mince it. Heat a small frying pan, add corn oil and place the pine seeds in it. Fry until a golden colour, then add the minced lamb.
2. Add salt and pepper. Mix well and check the taste. Finally, remove the pan from the cooker and add the lemon juice.
3. Transfer the hummus to a serving bowl. Create a hole in the middle and place the hot cooked lamb sauté in the centre. Sprinkle the rest of the pine seeds on top and serve.

INFO: This recipe was provided by Al Nafoorah at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, Dubai.