Humidity is at 100 percent in Abu Dhabi

The capital will be hot and sticky the next few days
ByMashal AbbasiThursday , 15 June 2017
Humidity is at 100 percent in Abu Dhabi

Expect extreme humidity and low visibility this weekend in Abu Dhabi, as The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) recorded 100 per cent humidity in the area of Al Ghuwaifat this morning.

Dubai humidity is relatively lower, at only 20 percent this morning. Humidity levels are expected to rise however, and reach up to 95 per cent in coastal areas, and 90 per cent in internal and mountain areas.   

The weather will continue to remain warm with maximum temperatures ranging between 40C to 45C in coastal areas, 43C to 47C in internal areas, and 31C to 38C in mountain areas, according to NCMS.

Humidity levels will peak at night and into the early morning from 90 to 100 per cent, bringing about fog and mist, and reducing visibilty to less than 1,000m across UAE roads.  

Stay hydrated and drive safe everyone!

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