Hulk Hogan's Price of Privacy

Legend Hulk Hogan wins massive Dhs422 million damages in court
ByJJ AnisiobiMonday , 28 March 2016
Hulk Hogan's Price of Privacy
Hulk Hogan
Former wrestler-turned-film and TV star Hulk Hogan is $115 million (Dhs422m) richer after winning his legal spat over an adult tape. A jury awarded him the cash windfall in the case he brought forth against corporation Gawker Media after editors at the online news outlet published footage from a tape featuring Hogan, real name Terry Bollea. Hogan sued for $100 million (Dhs367m) but the jurors decided that wasn’t enough, and they added $15 million (Dhs55m). 
The Giant Slammer
Hogan came away from court in Tampa, Florida with $55 million (Dhs202m) for economic injuries and $60 million (Dhs220m) for emotional distress. In his suit, the athlete and television personality claimed he was clueless about being recorded while being intimate with a friend’s wife at their home in Florida back in 2007. Gawker bosses published almost two minutes of the lewd video without Hulk’s permission. It took the jurors close to six hours to decide whether the media company had violated Hogan’s privacy by publishing the clip in 2012. Lawyers for the media outlet are planning to appeal Friday’s court decision, but Hogan is already celebrating his big win. Taking to Twitter after the verdict, he simply boasted: “Told you I was gonna slam another giant.”

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