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Hugh Jackman Saves Lives

31 Mar 2016

A-list hero went 'full-on Hugh Jackman mode'

When his 15-year-old son, Oscar, and several other swimmers were caught in a riptide on Australia’s Bondi Beach, Hugh Jackman didn’t hesitate. The knight in shining armour proved he’s every bit as brave as the some of the characters he’s played, diving straight in to save Oscar and the others caught out at sea. 
Typically humble, Hugh has played down the dashing rescue mission, but former National Rugby League star Daniel Conn, who helped save the swimmers, revealed all to the local newspaper: “Oscar got caught up with [the tide] so I swam out to get him, but he got caught up in it again and Hugh just went into full-on Hugh Jackman mode. He got Oscar and he also helped some other people, too. It was amazing.”
It sounds like this real-life hero totally saved the day. We’re not jealous of his wife right now at all, no, not one little bit