Hudson Murder: Two Killers?

30 Oct 2008

On the day police find the murder weapon they reveal killer had an accomplice

Police probing the murders of JENNIFER HUDSON's mother, brother and nephew are investigating the possibility more than one person was involved.

Officers are quizzing suspect WILLIAM BALFOUR after the Oscar winner's mother DARNELL DONERSON, brother JASON, and seven year old nephew JULIAN KING were shot dead in Chicago, Illinois.

The bodies of Darnell and Jason were found at the family home on the day of the shooting last Friday (24Oct08), and Julian's body was discovered three days later in a car in the city.

Now cops are probing the theory that the killer had an accomplice who helped to drive him from the murder scene.

According to the Chicago Tribune newspaper, witnesses said Balfour drove his Chrysler to the Hudsons' home on Friday, but the vehicle was later found by police parked a mile away on the city's South Side.

Balfour's girlfriend is said to have told officers he was at her home on the West Side not long after the slayings.

And although security cameras picked up footage of an unknown person parking the car outside a school shortly after the shootings, cellphone records placed Balfour on the West Side at the time the car was dumped.

Officers believe that if the timings are correct, it would mean the killer had an accomplice.

According to local news station CBS 2, officers have also now found what they think is the murder weapon.

The firearm was uncovered in an abandoned alley on Wednesday, close to where Julian's body was discovered.

Investigators were spotted placing a weapon in a cardboard box before putting it into a vehicle.

Balfour has not been charged in connection with the murders, and is being held for parole violation.