Huda Kattan

The Huda Beauty mogul is going from strength to strength, and there’s more to come
Monday , 25 November 2019
Huda Kattan

•I’ve had such an incredible year full of amazing highlights and I am beyond thankful for everything! If I had to choose a few highlights from this year it would have to be preparing for our skincare brand that will launch in 2020 and kickstarting our investment initiative. With Huda Beauty Angels, we’re investing a portion of our personal wealth in women-led brands that we believe in.

•In terms of large-scale initiatives, we organised an internal group of employees to head up sustainability efforts for the brands we own.

•Now that we’re bigger, we’re putting our heads together to reflect on our processes. We’re always thinking about sustainability and how our work affects the outside world.

•Our team is currently figuring out how we can participate in specific efforts on a global and corporate level, be it small acts internally or big acts through CSR partners and larger organisations.

•My sister Mona is definitely one of my biggest muses because she is so in touch with her emotions. I look to her to understand emotional intelligence and empathy.

•Next year, I’m really excited to focus on skincare, because I never stop talking about it. I am so passionate about it and it’s been such an incredible journey to foray into a new category. Keep your eyes peeled on our skincare launch in 2020 because we’re bringing all the good stuff!