Huda Kattan

The world-renowned CEO, Creative Director and face of Huda Beauty is looking forward to continually changing the face of the beauty industry
Friday , 30 March 2018
Huda Kattan
Huda Kattan
  • Huda Beauty is a family- owned and -operated business and this is really the heart of the company. I am CEO, Creative Director and the face of the brand. I am super involved with scaling the business and am very hands-on when it comes to defining the company structure, building the team, pricing strategy, content creation, marketing strategy, and more. I have a really good grasp on who our audience is so I like to be part of everything.
  • We announced an investment deal last year that will allow us to expand the business and launch a programme to fund and mentor entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industries, which is something I am so proud of!
  • The highlights of 2017 have definitely been launching our #Fauxfilter Foundation, which took our team two years to develop.
  • My greatest inspiration is my younger sister Mona. As a child, Mona was in beauty pageants and I would love to do her make-up. She was like my little doll. Even now, she is my muse, my icon and sometimes my guinea pig – but, ultimately, one of my biggest cheerleaders.
  • In 2018 we are expanding our make-up range and our territories, but, ultimately, we are on a mission to change perceptions of beauty and make a difference to the face of the industry.