How windy is it in Doha at the moment?

How windy is it in Doha at the moment?

07 Jul 2015

The weather in Qatar is crazy!

We all know what to expect from typical Doha weather; it's either hot or hotter, with the occasional three days of rain around November time. But over the last few weeks it's been really windy, so much so that it's becoming the talk of the town. With the scorching summer temperatures reaching the high 40s, wind is an extra problem we could all do without.

It doesn't matter where in the world you're from, we all share a common interest in the weather; mostly because it's the cornerstone of small talk and it gives us all something to complain about! But with wind speeds averaging around 23 knots, or 42 km/h and gusts reaching highs of 60 lm/h, there's reason for concern.

So, while we can't control the weather, if you're out driving while wind speeds are high, make sure to take extra cuation. Driving isn't great in Qatar at the best of times, let alone with the dust and sand make visibility poor. Try and stay indoors as much as possible - or you might blow away!