Wayne Rooney and Coleen McLoughlin

How Wayne and Coleen Are!

03 Nov 2010
By Ahlanlive.com

How the footballer’s latest money-grabbing tactics and her sad little shopping life made them the most hated couple in the UK…

Euw! We can’t believe we used to like ColeenRooney! But after her and her fug husband’s recent trip to Dubai, where they munched chicken nuggets by the pool and he earned Dhs7,000-an-hour as per his new contract (despite doing bugger all but scaring small children by taking his top off), Ahlan! admits to a shiver of total revulsion to the conniving way they’ve played his whole hooker scandal to their own benefit.

Ditching their son, Kai, at home – well, who wants a one-year-old ruining mummy and daddy’s ‘well deserved’ holiday? – the pair quit the UK just as Wayne’s salary was increased to Dhs1.1 million-a-week, after he threatened to quit Manchester United unless he got his own way (ie got more cash).

Ahlan! reveals the depths of the gruesome twosome’s greed…

He Cheats, She Goes Shopping
Hearts went out to Coleen when, back in September, Wayne was alleged to have slept with Dhs7,000-a-night hooker Jennifer Thompson, while Coleen was pregnant with their first child. Having apparently informed her of the allegations via text message, Coleen quit their family mansion to stay with her parents.

But, Col soon realised what side her bread was buttered and that she couldn’t afford the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to if she left him.

“She agreed to give Wayne another chance,” spilled a source. “They agreed to work out their problems.” While another dubbed the WAG, “duping and greedy,” saying she had “overfed herself” on Wayne’s cash and now couldn’t live without her lifestyle. And Coleen proved that she’s determined to cling like a limpet to her rich man, after an insider spilled, “Wayne initially told Coleen to get over it” – proving that no matter how he treats her, cash is more important than respect.

Wayne: ‘Gimme More Money!’
Grabbing Wayne demanded a yearly salary of Dhs60million-a-year from his club Manchester United, by threatening to go to Real Madrid, Chelsea or Manchester City instead. But pacified by his new Dhs168,000-a-day earnings, decided to stay put, after Coleen expressed fears over their standing in the UK.

“She was beside herself with worry about the backlash,” a source told the Daily Star. Adding, “Wayne seemed to have unleashed some uncontrollable forces.” And the couple has now been dubbed the ‘Most hated in the UK’, thanks to their greed in the face of a serious recession. Spotted at the Burj Al Arab knocking back Dhs200 glasses of champers, Coleen also showed off what looked like a new boob job.

How He Won The Hooker Scandal
Although pals saying she was “devastated” about Wayne’s infidelities, they also insisted that she would never leave her cash cow husband – with Wayne agreeing to stay in the marriage now that he held 100 per cent of the power. And it was a similar feeling of power he took to the negotiating table at Man United.

“If anything, this latest sex scandal made Wayne feel invincible, like he can get away with anything and any behaviour,” insisted an insider. “He knows Coleen won’t ever leave him and his club will pay anything to keep him. Wayne’s won.”