How to maximise the potential of your Airbnb rental in the UAE

How to maximise the potential of your Airbnb rental in the UAE

01 Sep 2019

Here's some tips to help you book more guests

There are many short-term rentals listed on multiple platforms in Dubai and when it comes to standing out against the competition, you need to think of ways to make your listing unique and appealing. Just because you have a vacation rental that you think is nice enough does not mean the guests will immediately line up and book it. Airbnb hosting in Dubai is especially difficult if you lack the experience! But consistency in little things can eventually win them over. Here are a few tips on how you can make your Airbnb listings stand out in the midst of your competition.

Reasonable Prices

Do not set the bar too high in terms of pricing – instead, charge reasonably according to the amenities on offer (place, number of bedrooms, kind of apartment, season, month, etc). Many tend to charge more than they should on their short-term rentals – remember, be fair to your guests so they choose to come back time and time again.

Welcome Packs

Introduce welcome packs upon guest’s arrival - making one feel at home on holiday always gives off a warm sentiment especially if they are new to the place. This kind of action can encourage your guests to give you good reviews.

Extra Complementary Inclusions

Were they good guests who never complained? Did they speak pleasantly to you? Did you make a mistake from your side? Was there a complaint that was not handled right away? Being a good Airbnb host is taking care of your guests. At Frank Porter, the team make sure that every guest feels like they are valued. Prepare a little gift – whether it’s a box of local delicacies or chocolates, people like nothing more than a little treat!

Things to Do in the Area

One of the best things you can do is have a guide of ‘things to do in the area’ – use this guide to highlight the best restaurants and cafés, the best galleries, the nearest malls and any other attractions that your location is famous for.
It is also helpful to include a page of ‘House Rules’ and other important information like WiFi login details, pool and gym floors, emergency numbers etc.

Need a helping hand? There are plenty of reputable property management organisations that can manage your property. One example is Frank Porter, who can help handle the logistics of hosting and management, allowing homeowners to reap the benefits without the work. In a world where flexibility is essential, short-term rentals with companies like Frank Porter also give you the option to sell when you please or stay in your own home at the drop of a hat – no more having to work around long-term tenants and hefty contracts.

Anna Skigin, founder of property management agency Frank Porter said: "We at Frank Porter strongly believe in honesty and transparency in the way we do business. Hence why our name literally means honest concierge. Our clients can trust to leave their property in our hands and come back to a perfectly maintained home and more importantly, a profit."