How to Get the Perfect Steak Every Time

Top tips for steak from the Executive Chef at Doha’s The Anvil Rooms
ByDawn GibsonWednesday , 11 December 2013
How to Get the Perfect Steak Every Time

Rare, medium or well-done? That used to be the most complicated question you were asked when you went out for steak. Now, though, it’s all about Wagyu versus Kobe, grass-fed versus grain-fed, and goodness knows what else, so we quizzed Stuart Collins from The Anvil Rooms to give us some idea about what we should be ordering.

What’s your favourite cut and kind of steak?

Ribeye. The marbling in the meat ensures that it’s succulent throughout and the fat brings out the great flavour.

There’s so many different kinds of steak to choose from now. What’s the difference?  
They are all different breeds of cattle, each with certain characteristics that allow for great steaks. This can relate to the physical size and shape of the cattle, or the texture and flavour of the meat. Kobe comes from the famous breed in Japan and is reared in a particular way to develops incredible marbling through the meat. Wagyu is derived from the Kobe, but is produced outside of the famed region.

How can you tell if you’ve got a good steak?
First understand what you are choosing – grain-fed, grass-fed, Angus, Wagyu, US, Australian, the list goes on. Everyone will have their own preference and if you pick the wrong one you may be disappointed. Once you’ve made your choice, the steak should have a good ‘beefy’ flavour, nicely marbled and tender. The cooking process is something to consider also. We believe using our charcoal grill gives a nice slightly smoky flavour.

Is rare, medium or well done better?

It’s a very personal thing. Cuts with a higher proportion of fat will generally stand up to being cooked more. The fat ensures there is moisture in the meat and therefore you don’t end up with something tough and dry. A leaner cut will eat better when it is cooked to medium or less. But, ultimately it is up to the guest!

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