How to Get an A-List Body by Christmas

How to Get an A-List Body by Christmas

21 Dec 2014

Whether it's Jennifer Lopez's toned stomach or Beyonce's super-strong legs you envy, we reveal how celebs plan to beat the bulge this festive season

Cameron Diaz 
Best feature:
Her arms
Her arms are the envy of women worldwide, but don’t think Diaz’s great guns come easy. Her personal trainer, Teddy Bass, says she puts the effort in at the gym. “Depending on her schedule, we’ll do 45 minutes of Pilates or, if she has 90 minutes, we’ll do half weights and half Pilates and flexibility work.” To keep things extra-taut and toned, there’ll be no piling her plate with greasy food at Christmas. “You have to give your body the right nutrients and really think about what’s best for it,” says the There’s Something About Mary actress. “I’m off the fried foods. I’m very thoughtful about what I eat.”
In your stocking: Ask for weights that will help you work on your arm muscles at home. 

Katy Perry
Best feature:
The California Gurls singer teamed up with personal trainer Harley Pasternak to shape up for her wedding to Russell Brand. “If everyone really focused more on the muscles behind their body rather than the front, people would look a lot better,” he says. “They would have a longer mid-section; they’d have fewer injuries, better posture and a natural boob lift.” Though the marriage was doomed, Katy’s in better shape than ever. She’ll work on the muscles in her back and buttocks for a flat stomach this Christmas.
In your stocking: Add some trainers to your wish list so you can get that body looking fab!


Salma Hayek
Best feature:
The Mexican firecracker is honest when asked how her body has changed, but she’s still proud of her décolletage. “My breasts – they’re not bad, “she says of her changing physique. “I’m not complaining about them!” Salma will workout with Sara Shears, founder of, throughout the festive season, with Sara using strength training to give the actress’ natural beauty a boost. But Salma’s clear on how she keeps those impressive curves in check: “Everybody has a weakness and mine is food. You have to weigh yourself every day, and you have to have an alarm number. When you get to that number, you have to start putting it in reverse.”
In your stocking: A set of scales. Sad but true!    

Jennifer Lopez
Best feature: Stomach
As mum to five-year-old twins, JLo was rightly proud when asked to name her favourite body part: “My waist and my stomach. I’m lucky genetically – I’m small through there.” Jen will no doubt be indulging this Christmas, so to keep in shape she’ll be working out with celeb trainer Tracy Anderson. JLo loves Anderson’s ab-busting move – the lean, tuck, kick combo. Try it at home: stand holding the back of a chair with both hands, pull one leg towards the chair, while leaning forward. Push your body away from the chair, tucking your knee into your chest by curving the back, then extend the leg towards the ceiling as the working hand touches the ground. 
In your stocking: Tracy Anderson’s Precision Toning DVD.


Best feature:
She often shows off her killer pins on stage, and Beyoncé has certainly earned the right to. The singer, who works out five days a week, says her shapely legs come at a price. “I can’t eat what I want, and I can’t not go to the gym. You have to make the right choices.” Bey’s punishing workout includes 100 squats, 100 step-ups and 100 walking lunges. And when gearing up for a tour, she rehearses dance routines for up to nine hours a day – in stilettos.
In your stocking: If you’re striving to lose weight, it helps to have a target. Why not frame a picture of yourself when you were slimmer?

Gisele Bündchen
Best feature:
Lean and strong with curves in all the right places – including her rear – the Brazilian model’s physique is often voted the one women most admire. But the mum-of-two works hard to keep her figure trim, practising cardio, plus yoga or Pilates, every day. She’s also a fan of martial arts – after moving to Boston with hubby Tom Brady she took up tai chi and kung fu, practising the latter until two weeks before the birth of her son. She says she loves tai chi’s calming influence, describing it as “moving meditation”.
In your stocking: Gisele loves kung fu so much she has 90-minute sessions three times a week. Take a leaf out of her book by asking for a block booking of classes in something fun and challenging.