How to be the best version of yourself

How to be the best version of yourself

09 Jul 2017

CosmeSurge Plastic Surgeon Dora Evangelidou explains why "natural" is the new trend

Cosmetic surgery is no stranger to Hollywood. And while some celebrities went overboard in the past, these days it’s all about achieving a ‘natural’ look and working with what you have. CosmeSerge’s Dr. Dora Evangelidou agrees. “It’s not news that we live in the era of cosmetic surgery and is finally accepted that taking care of your appearance is not shallow,” she says. “It can actually be good for your self-esteem, confidence and even overall well-being.”

According to Dr. Dora, it took years to digest and to establish acceptance for plastic surgery. “I don't really blame the public for this hesitation,” admits Dr. Dora. “We all watched so many celebrities, friends and family members exaggerating their appearance and undergoing makeovers that were anything but natural. We all experienced people rushing to uncertified ‘medical’ centers and getting treatments from non-board certified charlatans for the sake of cheaper price.”

How to be the best version of yourself

But those days are long gone! We have finally entered the modern era of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Dora explains: “Plastic surgery is not a taboo anymore, people are getting more and more educated regarding their options, people talk about their treatments, they compare results, request for top quality products, and search for highly trained professionals and certified medical centers in order to get the best natural and graceful results.” So is natural the new trend? “Yes”, says Dr. Dora. “And it’s a wise one. There is no better spoiling than regular treats from your favourite plastic surgeon.”

She continues: “For example, to maintain a good skin quality and elasticity over the years, PRP (vampire lift) would be the treatment to begin with. In addition, you can get defined cheek bones and elegantly shaped jaw by filler treatments. It is always beneficial to replace gradually the volume that is lost through aging process, especially tear trough (under eye area), rather than just waiting for a severe atrophy.

“Starting early and routinely repeating toxin treatment is the easiest and fastest way to gain an almost wrinkle-free face. Not an expressionless face, of course. And last but not least, the finest touch on a face, is enhancing the lips’ shape and volume to match and balance the facial characteristics,” she says.  

How to be the best version of yourself

In similar fashion, the same applies for the body, too. “In order to get the elegantly contoured waist combined with an outlined gluteal region (buttocks), liposuction is definitely the key,” says Dr. Dora. “Especially if it’s performed in combination with the modern generation intra-operative ultrasound. It definitely renders a highly defined, contoured and fit-looking body as a result. And if breast surgery is added in the equation, you’ll get the gluteal augmentation and refinement,” she says.

“As the ancient Greek idiom states, ‘healthy mind, healthy body’, highlighting that in order to have a healthy mind you should take care of your body too, in every essence.”

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