How To Stop Raiding the Fridge

There is a way, ladies!
Dr Melanie Schlatter
Dr Melanie Schlatter

Q I work from home and when I want to take a break, I’m always tempted to raid the fridge. Help! Patricia, 37
A. You are not alone in your temptation! Breaks should ideally be every two hours, so make sure that you have already planned your regular meals and snacks in advance. This will give you something to look forward to as break time approaches, and it eliminates the sabotaging brain-ware that constantly asks “where can I find comfort and fun?” in the middle of your busy workday. In the breaks where you are not scheduled to eat, or if you are heading to the fridge for any other reason than true hunger, then drink some water, and have a list of non-food related alternative activities – go for a quick walk, clean your teeth, ring a friend, play a quick brain game, or jot down what is going well with your day. Your habit can be broken with conscious awareness, so a ‘STOP’ sign on the fridge may also make you think twice. And if you do succumb, just don’t have unhealthy foods in the fridge! –MELANIE

Dr Melanie Schlatter, PhD Consultant Health Psychologist. She unblocks those mental hurdles.

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