How one man was robbed of Dhs70,000 in Ajman

How one man was robbed of Dhs70,000 in Ajman

12 Jun 2017

This story will teach you never to listen to strangers

Here's a robbery with a lesson!

Ajman police have nabbed a father-son duo who stole Dhs24,000 from an unsuspecting stranger emerging from a bank. The victim, an Asian man, was aproached by the suspect, who claimed to not know what UAE currency looked like and wanted to see for himself.

The naive Asian man handed over the entire amount of Dhs70,000 to the suspect, who gave it back after having a look. Later, upon counting the money, the victim found that Dhs24,000 were missing and called the police.

The man and his son were both arrested within 24 hours and all the stolen money was returned to the victim, reports Khaleej Times.

While the ending of the story is a happy one for the victim, it teaches us a very important lesson. Always be vigilent when withdrawing money.