How Natalie Portman plans to transform from Jane Foster to Mighty Thor

Maddy Black from Abu Dhabi’s Vogue Fitness gives us insight into the actress’ extreme transformation
ByCaitlyn Davey
,Andre Neveling
Friday , 16 August 2019
How Natalie Portman plans to transform from Jane Foster to Mighty Thor

It was announced at San Diego Comic Con that Natalie Portman would be the latest to don Thor’s hammer, as the female hero, Mighty Thor in the upcoming Marvel Studios film, Thor: Love and Thunder.     

It’s part of Taika Waititi’s Thor franchise, following the Marvel storyline of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor becoming unworthy of wielding the Mjolnir – his magical Norse hammer.

The storyline will see Portman’s character, Dr Jane Foster become Mighty Thor – an absolutely stacked, Mjolnir wielding goddess, with incredible arms.

The slight actress is to put it simply, quite petite, with the comic hero Mighty Thor being not only blonde, compared to Portman’s brunette, but also quite muscular and bulky – similar to Chris Hemsworth’s male Thor.

Natalie is about to become a superhero

It’ll likely be an arduous journey for the 38-year-old star, who’s known for her dedication to her roles – undertaking extensive vocal training and shaving her head for the role in V for Vendetta, as well as training up to eight hours a day, every day for six months, to prepare for her Oscar-winning performance in Black Swan.

So it will be interesting to watch, as Portman begins training for the role of Thor, whether she’ll be bulking up to fill female Thor’s boots, ahead of the 2020 movie release.

According to CrossFit coach at Abu Dhabi’s Vogue Fitness, Maddy Black, Portman will likely be having to train for up to five hours per day to get her body ready for the role. Black says it will likely be two to three sessions per day, of 60-90 minutes of intensive training.

“This is a huge task to take on and will require relentless perseverance, dedication and will power.

“Natalie will be carrying out lots of compound weightlifting movements such as squatting, pressing and pulling. In order to remain ‘lean’ for the role, she will be implementing some high intensity interval training into her weekly routine.”

The comic book version of female Thor has bulging biceps and shapely shoulders that Black says could come with some hard work and dedication in the gym, even for you – if you’re so inclined.

She suggests a lot of overhead pushing movements for those aspiring to Thor-like shoulders and arms: “Eating lots of good foods and kettlebell, barbell and dumbbell pressing. Shoulder press, push press, push jerk. All the presses.”

And if you’re looking to bulk out like Mighty Thor, she says weightlifting is a key component.

“We would advise incorporating various methodologies into a training program. Keeping it varied ensures it remains it fun and challenging. Weightlifting would form the foundation base whilst functional training would develop skills, improve flexibility and enhance endurance.”

Black explains that her calorie intake will be high to match the strenuous activity: “Although gaining mass is heavily dependent upon physical weightlifting, food plays an equally if not slightly more important part.”

Maddy Black from Vogue Fitness

She explains: “An average woman needs to consume approximately 2,000 calories per day to maintain, and 1,500 calories to lose one pound of weight per week. With the objective being to gain positive mass, Natalie will need to be consuming around 15-20% additional calories.”

She’ll have to eat every few hours, and will likely rely on a diet of high protein foods like eggs and fish, with low-glycaemic carbohydrates like oats.

As a CrossFit coach, Black is familiar with the typical statements some women make about ‘not wanting to bulk up’. It’s a common fear of women getting into lifting or powerful fitness regimes. 

“It will be amazing to see the transformation and we hope it will encourage and inspire females globally to lead a healthy lifestyle without the fear of social stigma.”

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