How Much Weight Has Pregnant Kim Kardashian Really Gained?

"She can't stop eating" alleges US mag, but Kim Kardashian's got a different story to tell
How Much Weight Has Pregnant Kim Kardashian Really Gained?
Kim Kardashian

If you've wondering how much weight Kim Kardashian has gained, here's the number! Kim's put on 23 pounds during her pregnancy to date.

Kim - who is six months pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend Kanye West - is thrilled her baby bump has finally popped as continues to maintain a healthy weight by working out regularly and indulging her sugar carvings with frozen yogurt.

A source close to the 32-year-old reality TV star told gossip website that Kim is nowhere near 200 pounds, despite reports by In Touch magazine that she "can't stop eating", and weighed in at 151 pounds during her most recent check up with her doctor last week.

Kim was recently said to be planning a post-pregnancy weight loss DVD and is already looking at signing a big money deal to slim down after the birth.

A source previously said: "Kim can't wait to squeeze her famous butt back into her trademark skinny jeans. She's been talking to various big companies about a bootylicious workout DVD. In true Kim style this would be sexy latex cat suits and lashings of make-up for a ghetto style hip-hop work out. Although Kim loves being pregnant, like most women she has struggled with her changing body shape. A work out DVD would be the perfect incentive for her to shed those extra pounds and inspire others."

A string of female stars including Gwyneth Paltrow, Helena Christensen, Jenna Dewan-Tatum and Molly Sims have defended Kim's weight critics recently.

Gwyneth said: "I think that women should support each other, especially through pregnancy, it's a difficult time and I think Kim Kardashian looks absolutely beautiful. And we're supposed to gain weight when pregnant -- that's how God intended it."

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