How Motherhood Changed JLo's Life

The singer believes the birth of her twins gave her life new meaning
ByMashal AbbasiTuesday , 29 March 2016
How Motherhood Changed JLo's Life
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The star had twins in 2008

Motherhood changes everything, even for celebrities like Lennifer Lopez! The singer and actress firmly believes that she has her children to thank for her big comeback.

Lopez gave birth to son Max and daughter Emme in 2008, while she was married to the kids' father Marc Anthony. At the time of their arrival, Jennifer released her hit song On the Floor and the track hit the top of the music charts. Releasing a song so soon after having not one but two children in itself is a feat!

"I had given birth and the kids honestly just gave me a new direction," she told People. "They just made me realise... what was real and what wasn't real. They just changed everything."

Jennifer elaborated, saying she felt "invigorated" after having her kids and "started thinking about life in a different way". For her, the song served as a way of showing the public that becoming a mum was not going to slow her down, and it didn't!

"On the Floor, honestly, was me going, 'Oh yeah, get back out there! You're an animal. You're a beast. Pull up your panties and get back out there'."

But she also reflected on her personal life, which helped inspire the music.

"I started asking more questions of myself, of love, of what was right, of what was wrong," she said. "I knew for their life to be great, I had to be great and I needed to fix some things and that is where the music came from."

And the song subsequently prompted her to make the changes in her life she felt she needed to.

"I knew it immediately that that was the song," she adds. "It was everything that I was wrapped into one, and it was also saying, 'You gotta go hard. You gotta get on the floor. You gotta get yourself together and do this right now'." 

Did On the Floor inpire you in the same way? We think we need to give it another listen!

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