How to Make Homemade Chocolate Truffles...

02 Oct 2012

Top tips to impress your friends with bespoke chocs

Box up these goodies to give away as gifts and experiment with different flavours. Check out Gourmet's October issue for the full recipe... 

  • The first step is deciding what chocolate to use. If you want a variety of flavours make sure you have ample varieties of chocolate, anything from Lindt 70 per cent dark chocolate to Vivani (organic) milk chocolate.  It’s based on personal preference so go for good quality and as light or dark as you like.
  • Use different toppings to give more variety when it comes to presentation and communicating the flavour of the truffle. Try strawberry purée (make an icing with whipped cream and confectioner’s sugar, use a piping bag to decorate the truffles), different types of chocolate (milk or white) for coating, grated or toasted coconut, chopped pistachios or almond powder.

  • Make sure the chocolate truffles are frozen before dipping into the hot chocolate or they will melt and lose their shape. Also make sure to top the dipped chocolate truffles immediately before the chocolate hardens, to make sure the topping sticks. Make sure the truffles are soft and malleable for the nuts to stick directly to the chocolate.