How to Make the Best Roast Potatoes

There's nothing better than crisp on the outside and soft on the inside potatoes - here's how to get that perfect texture
Thursday , 29 November 2012
How to Make the Best Roast Potatoes
The perfect roast potatoes are an essential part of Christmas dinner
  • Forget about the calories for a day and use duck fat, it has plenty of saturated fat and a high smoking  point, which makes it an ideal medium for crisping up roasted potatoes. 
  • First blanche the potatoes in boiling water until the outsides soften. Then drain them in a colander and let them sit in their own steam for a couple of minutes.
  • Shake them around in the colander so the outside of the potatoes begin to fray and fluff up.
  • Heat the duck fat on a roasting tray over the stove (about 150g duck fat to 1kg potatoes) and add the potatoes and toss them around over a high heat ensuring they're totally coated.
  • Finish the potatoes off in the oven. Don't try scrape them off the roasting tray, they'll come away easily when they're done.

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