"How I Stay in Shape" by Sara Lise-Haith

British expat Sara-Lise Haith reveals why she’s hooked on free diving
"How I Stay in Shape" by Sara Lise-Haith
Sara Lise-Haith

“I free dive about every four weeks in Fujeirah, and once a week in a pool here in Dubai at the Sheikh Hamdan pool. I started free diving when I was living in the Cayman Islands working at a dive centre. My co-workers, who were free divers for the Canadian national team, encouraged me to try it out. After I tried it, I was hooked. Ten years later I’m a free diver instructor. Free diving is like advanced snorkelling, but you use free diving fins that are about a foot longer than diving fins, and a low volume mask, as well as a rubber weight belt that rests low on your hips and allows you to breathe from your diaphragm. For me to stay in shape for free diving, I stay on a paleo diet (high protein and veggie diet) and drink plenty of water. I’m also training for the Iron Man triathlon, so I go running, swimming and biking to prepare for that. Plus I swim about two miles per week at Kite Beach.”

“The peace is what I love the most from free diving. Because there’s less bubbles as opposed to scuba diving, it’s more silent under the water, and the marine life gets closer to you with that silence. Also, because you push your body a little more each time, there’s a feeling of sheer exhilaration as you find out what your body can actually do.”

“Free diving is perfect for women who are looking for a new challenge. It requires you to go out of your comfort zone to push your body’s limits. After you’ve discovered what your body is capable of, you leave feeling so satisfied. The challenge and fitness benefits aside, free diving is a great way to explore the beauty of the underwater world. Free diving is an all-around workout, but it especially works out your core, abdominal and leg muscles, depending on what kind of free diving you’re doing (such as different types of breathing or equipment used).” Experience free diving yourself at Al Boom Diving Center at the Meridien Al Aqah Beach Resort in Fujeira. Call (09) 204 4925 for more information.


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