"How I Stay in Shape" by Melissa Green

Senior Account Executive Melissa dribbles her way to fitness with DUPLAYS women's basketball team
"How I Stay in Shape" by Melissa Green
Melissa Green

My Fitness Fix
“I practice at least three times a week or more if I have the time. Apart from DUPLAYS I play in a women’s competitive Friday league which runs for three months at a time. I’ve been playing in DUPLAYS for two years now; I joined as a way to meet people as I was new to Dubai and didn’t know anyone.”

Why I Love It
“I always look forward to each practice and game as it’s a great way to keep in shape, enjoy time with friends and unwind after a hectic day at the office. After a session I feel refreshed, of energy and recharged for the next day ahead.”

Why You’ll Love It
“Basketball is a great game – it’s a team sport that develops individual competitiveness and decision making skills along with team skills which carry over into our professional lives. Most of all it’s social so you get to meet many people. Many first-time basketball players at DUPLAYS return after their first session as it’s a great platform to start playing basketball. With players of different skill levels those at a higher level always help the first-timers out and if possible we organise practices between ourselves during the week and on weekends. Basketball gets you using a variety of muscles from upper body and core to butt and thighs – an area ladies are always wanting to workout.”

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