"How I Stay in Shape" by Marieke Van Eykeren

Marieke Van Eykeren whipped her body back into shape by stepping into the ring
Monday , 09 July 2012
Boxing helped Marieke Van Eykeren lose her baby weight
Boxing helped Marieke Van Eykeren lose her baby weight
Marieke in the ring
Marieke in the ring

I usually box for an hour a day every day, but when there are upcoming fights I box for two hours a day. I’ve been boxing at the family-run KO Gym in Dubai Marina (050 286 1673), and every day I work with my trainer, Zack Taumafi, from the gym. The KO Gym welcomes everybody, no matter if you’re a beginner or advanced. There are also trainers from Thailand, the Philippines and Ghana at the gym, who are skilled in boxing and Muay Thai, and are on hand to help offer tips. My children and husband have also started training, so boxing has become a family affair for us.

Why I love it
A friend of mine, Mieke Quarrie, who was already boxing encouraged me to try it, even though I thought I wasn’t fit enough. I had just given birth to my third child, so I decided to get into boxing to lose the baby weight. Five years later I’m still boxing, and it’s been the perfect way for me to stay fit. I love the fact that boxing gives you an overall workout. Any kind of frustration and daily struggles I have, I can let out through my boxing. For me, boxing is the best strength and fitness workout.

Why you will love it
I think boxing is one of the best ways to stay fit. It requires you to use all your muscles, and is an excellent cardio workout to get your heart rate going. You can really push your limit fitness-wise to get a great workout. Boxing is also one of the best sports to release any of your frustrations and anger, to let it all go. Anybody can box, whether you’re a housewife like me who was unfit when I started, or anyone of any age and fitness level.


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