"How I Stay in Shape" by Maria Kuzeva

23 Apr 2012
By Ahlanlive.com

Maria Kuzeva tests her metal with a session of fencing

My Fitness Fix:
I play three to four times a week. And when I’m not teaching, I’m practicing for competitions. I train at the MK Fencing Academy (mkfencingacademy.com) in Jumeirah. There is no age limit to fencing - anyone can play. We have large groups of fencers who compete at all levels at the gym. All you need is comfortable gear and you’re set to enjoy this Olympic sport.

Why I love it?
Fencing is completely different than any other sport because it is a combination of physical activity and mental strategy. It is a highly competitive sport that’s all about speed and reaction time. I also love playing it because you have to be creative and think about how you’re going to strike your opponent. It is a challenge for me every time, quite like a game of chess, but on this occasion you need to be thinking on your feet.

Why you’ll love it?
This ancient sport may be new to the UAE, but it still fits perfectly with our conservative tradition. Local women are happy to try it as they don’t have to be concerned with their attire as they are covered head to toe in fencing gear. On top of this the sport gives you a great workout. It uses your core, calves, quads, shoulders and lower back. And during an hour of playing you burn more calories than if you had gone running.

Calories burnt per hour: 400 calories.

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