"How I Stay in Shape" by Maddie Stocks

Sports-mad gym manager, Maddie Stocks, 27, loves a weekend kick-about with the Dubai Women's Football Association
"How I Stay in Shape" by Maddie Stocks
Maddie Stocks

My Fitness Fix
“Football keeps me fit and it’s fun too. I train midweek with the Dubai Women’s Football Association (www.dubaiwfa.com) at Jebel Ali Centre of Excellence and we sometimes play tournaments on the weekend. Training is on Mondays and the matches are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between 7.30pm and 9.30pm.”

Why I Love It
“I’ve always loved playing football, which is why I joined the Dubai Women’s Football Association. It keeps you fit and you can enjoy the outdoors at the same time. It’s lovely, especially over the winter and it’s really social too. You get to meet women from all over the world and we play on real grass (which makes a refreshing change from sand or Astroturf). And I love the competitive aspect too.”

Why You’ll Love It
“Football is a great way to burn calories and it works your glutes, legs and core muscles. It adds variety to your training routine and gets you out of the gym and into the great outdoors. On top of this, you can learn new skills and understand the game better. Plus, it’s very handy if you want to impress your new guy with your knowledge of the sport."

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