"How I Stay in Shape" by Christelle Schaal

Christelle Schaal burns calories kitesurfing off the coast of Dubai
Christelle Schaal
Christelle Schaal
Kitesurfing off the coast of Dubai
Kitesurfing off the coast of Dubai

My fitness fix
“I started kitesurfing in May 2011, here in Dubai. I was on the beach when I saw a kitesurfer riding in the water, doing jumps and tricks in the air and I was so amazed that I thought I would love to give it a try. It’s difficult at the beginning - even once you understand how to control the kite, you still have to figure out how to ride the board. But I would say don’t give up too easily because at the end your efforts will be rewarded with so much joy. I try and kitesurf for about four to six hours a week, it depends on the wind. If I could do it every day I would.”

Why I Love it
“Kitesurfing provides a full-body workout. You mainly work your core, abs, leg muscles (butt and thighs) and you test your stamina. There is lots of fun that you can have with kitesurfing, but my favourite thing is to jump high and perform some freestyle tricks. Kitesurfing is a sport accessible to everyone and you can start at any age. I see kids, adults and even elderly people riding in the ocean. You don’t need special abilities to become a kitesurfer. The only problem is that once you have started, you just can’t stop – it becomes addictive.”

Why you'll love it
“When you are kitesurfing, the first feeling you have is freedom. You can enjoy the ocean, the sun, ride alone or with your friends and be free to go anywhere you want in the sea. You get the chance to see turtles, dolphins and to ride in beautiful lagoons. And if you like an adrenalin kick, you can challenge yourself with jumps and tricks. Plus you can also ride fast and test your speed skills – there are so many ways you can enjoy kitesurfing!”

Calories burnt per hour: Around 300 to 800 calories.

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