"How I Stay in Shape" by Carrie Tindell

Ex-events manager Carrie Tindell left the corporate world behind to launch Desert Ranch in Dubai
"How I Stay in Shape" by Carrie Tindell
Carrie Tindell

My fitness fix
The Desert Ranch is the only one of its kind in Dubai. As well as desert rides on horseback, we offer lots of outdoor activities that give people the chance to explore Arabic culture, such as camel rides and camp-fire sessions. Desert Ranch has a special energy about it and we find that when people arrive, they want to stay all day.

Why I love it
Horse riding keeps you physically, mentally and emotionally fit. I have goals across a few different disciplines - endurance, dressage, jumping - and each one requires a totally different training schedule. Another reason why I love the sport is that you can be sure your partner will always turn up for training, always do their best and never have an ego.

Why you’ll love it
We have three types of desert ride at the ranch, which take from one to two hours to complete. A ride at sunrise followed by breakfast, or a ride at sunset followed by a barbecue is hard to beat. Prices start at  Dhs200 For more details visit desert-ranch.com.

Calories burnt by horse riding: 300 an hour.

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